Course Description

This unique 5S Workplace Organisation Package Deal consists of:

- 5S Introduction Video

- 5S Slide Presentation

- Examples for Standardisation:

- Floor Markings Colour Standard

- Example Audit List

And for free:

Extra Copy of the Ebook "Operational Excellence in Practice: 5S Workplace Organisation"

You can download all these files for off line use, so they available to you also when there is no internet connection available.

All material is in English

Certified TPM Instructor (JIPM certificate 829)

Paul Bekkers

Course curriculum

  • 1

    5S Package Deal training material

    • 5S Introduction Video

    • Floor Markings Standard

    • 5S Workplace Organisation Standard Good Bad Practise

    • 5S Workplace Organisation Slides

    • 5S Audit List

  • 2

    Ebook Operational Excellence in practice: 5S Workplace Organisation

    • Ebook 5S Workplace Organisation