Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time is allotted to complete the course ?

You have the time as described in the course header. For most of the courses this is either 2 months or a 12 months subscription.

You have 31 days to complete the test.

2. Can I extend my couse after it has expired ?

Yes you can! As often and as much as you like with the same account.

3. What are the system requirements to take this course ?

You'll need a continuous Internet connection and a browser that has Flash enabled.

4. Is there a discount when buying multiple courses ?
 Yes there is! Check our Bundles to see which offers we have for you.

5. Can I download all the course material ?

It depends on the product you are buying. The package deal includes the downloadble introduction video. The other videos cannot be downloaded: you have unlimited access during your subscription. Depending on the product you can also download the manual instructions and / or the specific examples.

6. Do we get support during our implementation ?

Yes! We provide online support: we are here to help you!

7. Can we get a tailor made offer for our company ?

Yes of course! Let us know what you are looking for and we'll help you with a tailor made offer.